Johnson Hartig

There's maybe nothing I love more than color. It's amazing how seemingly clashing hues can actually create a cocooning, comforting space.

-Johnson Hartig

Johnson Hartig, the designer of the fashion line Libertine, possesses a witty, soulful irreverence that his legions of fans adore for its drop-dead chic. The genius of invention has held the fashion world in his thrall for almost two decades, with exhilarating work that balances haute and pop cultures, cheeky riffs and brainy references, without ever losing its deep sense of fun. His exuberant new collection for Schumacher expresses the same unfettered style and love for couture details. "For me, decorating is so personal, because when I walk into a room that feels as if a lot of attention has been paid to it, it's one of the most comforting sensations that I experience in life," says Hartig.