Stephanie Seal Brown

I find an ephemeral beauty in simplicity and time, imperfection and breathing space. It is an elusive beauty that I am always seeking and trying to capture in my work.

-Stephanie Seal Brown

Stephanie Seal Brown grew up on an Oklahoma pecan farm, and she connects its peaceful nature with her love for weaving. She acquired her first Swedish handloom in 1997, and later attended the Vavstuga Weaving School in Massachusetts to deepen her craft. She now splits her time between Brooklyn and Kentucky, where she maintains her bright and airy studio. Working in an age-old Scandinavian tradition, Stephanie creates handwoven goods that reflect her deep-rooted passion for thoughtful, process-driven design and honest materials. “By not automating the process, I’m able to be intimately involved with every step. Each inch of yarn passes through my hands multiple times as it is prepared and woven,” she says. As a result, her tapes have an extraordinary, soulful quality. The patterns carried by Schumacher marry sophisticated refinement with laid-back, livable style. These next-generation trims are earthy yet elegant, and perfect for decorating that is layered with textures and tones.