Vera Neumann

Vera translated the most current design trends for a broad audience who were craving the integration of modern art and design into their lives.

-Elissa Auther, curator at New York City's Museum of Art and Design.

In 1943, at the age of 35, Vera Neumann and her husband, George, launched their textile business from the kitchen of their Manhattan apartment. Using a silk screen hand-built to fit their dining table, they printed linen placemats that were then cured in their oven. The items immediately flew off the shelves. Every single pattern always began as a unique artwork by Vera, signed simply, “Vera” with a ladybug for good luck. Often inspired by nature or by one of her many travels, and with their bold graphics and cheerful, dynamic palettes, the motifs had mass appeal while still conveying a close connection to the hand. Early on, Schumacher played a significant role in Vera’s success, premiering her first fabric collection in 1947 and introducing more patterns across the decades. Some of them, such as Birches and Moonpennies, remain popular to this day. Now, with Schumacher’s 2019 Vera Neumann collection of fabrics and wallpapers, whole new generations can swathe their surroundings in her irrepressible designs.