Caroline Z Hurley

I believe when your home feels good, your life feels good too.

-Caroline Z Hurley

Playful yet subdued, the artist and textile designer Caroline Z. Hurley’s painterly patterns are as captivating as the far-flung destinations that inspired them. Her line is block printed by a small team of artisans in Massachusetts, and is imbued with a handmade quality we love. She embraces playfulness and simplicity, finds inspiration in Mexico and meditation, and was a preschool teacher before launching her own line, which channels the playfulness and simplicity from her classroom into an economy of colors. “I truly believe that where your home is, where you center yourself, is the most important thing in the world,” she says. “It’s that grounding that enables true adventure.” Today, Hurley lives in New York City’s West Village and works in Brooklyn, where she has an eponymous shop and studio.